SASAC Visit - October 2007

I've now completed assembling a couple of slide shows (in various forms) of photos I took while we were visiting SASAC in October. I've included a number of 'less than great' photos because even though they're not technically good photos, they still serve as a happy reminder of events from our visit to SASAC.

Please let me know if you have problems viewing these. Click the bold title of each slideshow to view that show.

Slide show part 1: Contains 92 images which have been compressed to open fairly quickly. There is no automatic show; use the arrows at the top to move forward or backward. If you would like the high quality file (suitable for printing) for any of these photos, send me an email with the file names of the photos (appears in the bottom left corner of each) and I'll put the full image files (about 3.5 MB each) in a place from where you can retrieve them and email to you a link to that location.

Kit and Jane continued to travel in India after our group left SASAC and those photos are now gradually being prepared and displayed at follow the India link on the menu on the right hand side.

Slide show part 2: Contains a further 77 images as above.

Agra slide show: 28 pictures from the trip to Agra, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri

Kurseong town slide show: 63 photos that are not really SASAC related but showing photos taken around the town of Kurseong where we stayed for almost two weeks.

Cathy's slide show: 67 more photos that were sent to me from Cathy

If you would like to print any individual pictures for yourself, click this link and you'll be directed to a location where all of the photo files are uploaded in slightly reduced quality (originals were 3 to 5 MB size... I reduced that size by half). These will still print nicely in 4 x 6 inch size format. The two large .zip files contain ALL of the photos in one package. Note the size of these .zip files and be patient if you decide to download them.

Slide show movies

I'm experimenting with also presenting these same slide shows as movies. Then all you have to do is click and watch. There's two ways to watch these movies either by downloading them completely first, then playing them from your computer or by clicking the link to the movie and letting it play directly in your web browser. In either case, you'll have to be a bit patient. Each of the movies is about 20 MB in size so some delay (about 30 s) before they play is normal. Don't bother with the movies if you're on a slow (dialup) connection.

You'll need QuickTime to view these movies. If you have a Macintosh, you already have QuickTime. Most Windows computers now have QuickTime installed too. The

Play SASAC Movie Part 1: The same images as from the slide show, set up as an autorunning slideshow (22 MB). Should autostart after a few seconds of downloading time.

Play SASAC Movie Part 2: As above (18 MB)

Play Kurseong Town movie: As above (14 MB)

If these don't work well or you want to download any of these movies to your own computer so that you can play them without relying on the Internet, then please click on the link below and then use the blue arrow beside the filename to download the linked .mov file to your computer. The other files there are the individual and packaged (.zip) files with all of the photos.

Click to go to Movie Downloads