Pictures from our trip to India in October - November 2007

We really hadn't planned to return to India so soon but an opportunity came up to join a group who were going to visit a charitable project in Darjeeling district that we had been supporting since the mid-1980's and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to see SASAC after reading about it for almost 25 years. We added just over three weeks of travel onto the end of two weeks of organized SASAC events and after a lot of thrashing around about how we should use our 'free' time, we realised that it made the most sense to continue to explore the Darjeeling district including a brief visit to Sikkim. We found an Indian travel company that helped us to plan a very intensive itinerary that got us to the places we wanted to visit (and to a few that we hadn't even thought about seeing).

So, after the SASAC portion of our trip was over, we travelled independently into Sikkim, then to Kalimpong with homestays in Samthar, and a Nepali and then a Lepcha village and then to Assam (Kaziranga National Park), then Calcutta, Varanasi. Finally we returned to Delhi and then home. Slides shows for these portions are gradually being prepared and as each segment is completed, it will appear here as well.

Available slide shows are: